Raunchy Video season

Raunchy Video season

Kagwe Mungai is back. And back with some sexy heat. The multi-talented musician has been making moves in the entertainment industry, but hadn’t released a recent music video.

His new music video for the track ‘Single’ featuring Kristoff therefore had to be quite something. That it is. The video has Kagwe half nude with a sexy lady in the video with whom they make out intensely.

The video has been compared to Timmy T-dat’s latest video ‘Vitamin U’ featuring girlfriend Rosa Ree. In ‘Vitamin U’ Timmy and Rosa get exclusive, making out and even hanging out half nude in a bathtub.

Kagwe released his album titled ‘Spectrum’ early this year featuring tracks like African Lady and Ogopa Mungu. He was also recently appointed as part of a local tv. station’s board of directors and has his own line of sneakers.

Some people are questioning why the outspoken Kenya Film and Classification Board chairman Mr. Ezekiel Mutua hasn’t had something to say about the ‘moral standards’ of the video.

He has been vocal about such issues and now we wait to see if Kagwe and Timmy will get a memo from KFCB.


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