Is Mustapha gay?

Is Mustapha gay?

Kenyan rapper Trap King Chrome shocked all of us yesterday after making serious allegations about legendary Kenyan rapper Mustapha. According to Trap King Chrome, Mustapha is gay and has been hiding for all these years.

The controversial rapper made this accusation via an Instagram post in which he even posted Mustapha’s image. Part of the lengthy Instagram post read,

‘How long will you lie to your fans for? You’re on TV every Monday lying to the fans that you’re straight and we all know you got a boyfriend living in your house. Be yourself and maybe that will allow some of your fans to do the same.”

Mustapha, popularly known as Colonel Mustapha has not yet responded to the allegations.

One day before posting Mustapha, Trap King has announced that he is releasing a new track titled ‘Monster’ which he said Kenyans will love. In the track, he is addressing half the rappers and media personalities in Kenya.

If this allegations about Mustapha are anything to go by, the upcoming single ‘Monster’ promises to be very controversial.