Tarimbo down on YouTube

Tarimbo down on YouTube

The outspoken Kenya Film and Classification Board Chairman Mr. Ezekiel Mutua has been all over the media. Mr. Mutua who is the chief ‘morals officer’ for the entertainment industry has for the previous week been openly showing his dislike for the new Ethic video, ‘Tarimbo.’

The song, according to Mutua advocates for rape, something that made Mr. Mutua furious to follow up on the matter and request Google to take it down from all their platforms. The social media uproar however wasn’t only by Mr. Mutua but by a lot of KOT and even musicians such as X- Tatic.

After a week of openly and loudly criticizing the low moral standards of the song and even calling the new wave of Gengetone artists as ‘Thugs’, the KFCB has finally managed to get Google to drop Tarimbo for violation of sexual rights.

Ethic have already been served 2 warnings by YouTube – their first coming from illegaly using a drone video for their song ft. Boondocks Gang, ‘Thao’ - and a third violation would see their YouTube channel taken down.

This is another victory for the KFCB and Mr. Mutua who are on a mission to ‘set the entertainment industry straight.’