Police interrupt P-Units video shoot

Police interrupt P-Units video shoot

Child dancers to P-Unit’s and Yvonne Darcq’s music video were arrested during its shoot a few weeks ago. The officers, dressed in civilian outfits, showed up on the scene and demanded to know why children were featured in the music video.

“We tried to explain to them that the parents had consented to have the kids in the video. All we aimed for was giving the children a platform to showcase their talent. They were dancing to a decent African song that is appropriate to involve them in,” Gabu, a member of P-Unit group said.

The officers detained the children for more than 12 hours, saying that the artistes had not received parental consent.  

The children were later released after the parents backed the artistes. Gabu challenged the government to provide security to anyone who has used the rightful channels to film their content.

“This is the reason why I supported Frasha's political ventures. He sees how the young people are being harassed even as we do the right thing. This might just push me to get into politics so that I can fight for the rights of creatives and anyone who wants to use their talent,” he said.