KAMP releases 17M to producers

KAMP releases 17M to producers

This is the first major sign that the new memorandum of understanding between artists’ royalties’ bodies is working. Almost rising from empty shells, in between April and June, the Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) has released Sh17 million to its members.

The announcement by KAMP is the first one from the three collective management organisations (CMOs); Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP) and Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) since they announced a joint licencing fee in March this year.

The issuance of the licenses was welcomed news for members this, since the Kenya Copyright Board (Kecobo) had renewed licenses to the three CMOs to collect copyright and related works license fees after a long wait.

“We have had a challenging start of the year with the delay of gazetting of the joint collection tariffs that assist us in issuing licenses. Nonetheless we put in place a vigorous campaign on various media platforms both on TV, radio and social media on educating members and users of copyrighted works on our mandate as KAMP and for the need of users to be compliant and the results are evident in the royalty distribution,” said Anthony Karani, Chairman KAMP, as he broke the news.

KAMP represents the owners of sound recordings and music producers.

Speaking to Pulse, Karani said the Kenyan creative industry had a very big potential and that if every arm of the sector played its role with all opportunities enhanced, the sector would be a leading income earner in the Kenyan economy.


“We are delighted to announce an unprecedented growth in royalty distribution. This is the highest pay out ever experienced translating to 70 percent of the total collection. The total amount of royalties paid for the period of April-June is Sh17million paid out to producers of sound recordings and producers of music videos. In general Kamp has 1050 members,” he noted.

From the records the average payment per member was Sh15,000 and the highest member receiving Sh140, 000 based on investments in music productions and a small percentage allocated to general payment.

KAMP Chairperson Anthony Karanja

“As KAMP we are committed to distribute promptly every three months of collections to ensure members’ economic livelihood are covered. We are also committed on reducing operations and administrative costs to ensure our payments remain within 30 of collections as per the requirements of Kenya copyright Board,” he remarked.


We are also committed to Joint collections partnership with PRISK and MCSK. And strive to ensure all business that use copyright works pay for the Joint License.

The three CMOs have signed a commitment document that shows that they have agreed to distribute 70 percent of revenues collected.

 “During the new partnership which was good news to all CMOs and its members, it was our hope that the confusion that had been witnessed since the beginning of the year especially from users of works would soon come to an end. We also said that we were ready to hit the ground running and now we are starting to see good results. We ask our members to continue having faith in us and support us in helping us realise our service to them,” Karani added.

KAMP Clifford Mabele General Manager

Since the advent of joint licensing, users of works have been paying for a single license as opposed to the previous trend where they used to pay for three.

This is the first and biggest payout being made by a CMO this year.