Kenyan songs with funny titles

Kenyan songs with funny titles

1. Juala (Manyake): Back in the day, Circuit was one of the ‘illest’ rappers in Kenya. He had a number of songs with weird names, but one song that we remember was Manyake, which is also called Juala. What Circuit back then was saying that it does not matter the size of a woman’s derriere, it was important to use a condom while ‘at it’. At the time, the lyrics got everyone singing along. Now, the rapper is preaching in church after he saw the light a few years back.

2. Kamoja Tuu: One wonders what was wrong with Bobby Mapesa and VBO when they released Kamoja Tu. The duo had other controversial songs among them Naskia Utamu and Wezere. Their battles (or do we say beef?) with Nonini meant that they kept pushing the envelope to emerge one of the most controversial groups of that era.

3. Wee Kamu: Nonini, is one of the most creative lyricists, contentwise, Kenya has ever celebrated. But back in the day, Nonini was known to sing lyrics which were seen as explicit. One of these songs was Wee Kamu, a single which was quite suggestive.

4. Takataka: This single by Alvindo got Ezekiel Mutua’s wrath as it did that of many parents. It was to be banned, predictably. We will leave it at that.

5. Wamlambez: The song by Sailors, the same guys who brought you Pekejeng, is yet another one that had Ezekiel Mutua disturbed. Having popularised the phrase ‘Wamlambez Wamnyonyez’, it is hard for anyone to stop this club hit from playing.  

6. Lamba Lolo: This song most definitely brought about the new wave of Kenyan sound, Gengetone. After making an entrance into the industry with this song, arguably their biggest hit till now, the now popular kids are the sheng pornstars - using catchy words loaded with sexual innuendos is their style, they have gone ahead and released similar songs.

7. Mboko Haram: ‘Pigwa mboko, pigwa mboko huu mchezo ni haram’ is one of the verses in this song by Boondocks gang and the story line is self-explanatory. It is right now is one of the catchiest songs booming around. With its Afro dancehall beat by Sadafah, this song is getting around its lewd lyrics.

8. Get a T**o: A not-so-subtle Swahili word used for the woman derriere. Derived from the nursery rhyme, ‘Get a Circle’ this track encourages men to get a girl with a big behind with girls happily gyrating their hips all through the video.

9. Kaa na Mama Yako: Ochunglo Family, inspired by a local politician’s sentiments when he said if you had nothing better to do stay at your mum’s, the talented group took over the term and completely meant something else altogether.

10. Panua: ‘Panua’ loosely translates to ‘spread’, and in this song, they are not spreading the word.

11. Stick: Khaligraph Jones has in the past made hit records from some refix, remixes and freestyle; from jumping on masterpiece beats like Wizkid’s Ojuelegba beat and Mobb Deep’s Hell on Earth. When he dropped this freestyle that borrows the beats of Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz’s record dubbed Lovers & Friends he left tongues wagging with the lyrics, which simply explains how he will have sex with his partner.