Up in the club

Up in the club

Gone are the days when the entertainment scene was full of fake promoters who would con upcoming artistes by offering them sham gigs.

We’ve heard such sorry tales of how promoters used to pretend that they would offer an artiste a gig in a given club only for the artiste to come and find out that the con actually even never knew the club owner or management. Today, unlike back then, not one person can claim to run the showbiz industry, especially events.

It’s now upon anyone’s right to feel free bringing artistes from across the globe. Not only ‘established’ promoters can jet in an artiste, something that has put us on the map of top promoting countries best for arts and music. This has since forced a massive change in the local club scene.

Now you can go into a club, not necessarily to drink, but to socialise and immerse yourself in other activities and you might probably bump into your international crush while you are at it. You don’t have to resign yourself to spending weekend nights at home, hiding away from the call of after work drinks, and shuffling quickly past your local.

There has been a massive progression in club trends from just a social tavern to blissful entertainment spots. While some clubs operate as normal drinking joints some have gone an extra mile to bring international artistes while some have even restored into doing movie nights. 

B Club and Go$ip Club – Sunday pool party

B Club introduced B-concepts and has been a major hub of bringing Nigerian and other international artistes to the country. Notable names include Skiibi, Joeboy, Mr Real, Davido, Rude Boy, Lulu Diva, Singah, Diamond, Fally Ipupa, Slim Case and Sayi Shay.

Basically, the establishment makes an arrangement with artistes to either stage a meet-and-greet tour where they spend say half of the night hanging out in the club or throw in a performance. This way, the fans feel valued and also entertained.

B Club for example has been hosting the now popular pool party where fans have a special chance to interact with top celebs who also throw in a performance during the night of fun. Simply, people do not just go to the club expecting a performance but also ready to mingle with the stars. Such parties have themes and dress codes with some coming with a fee to keep the crowd controlled. 

Alchemist – Yoga and fashion

The Alchemist bar, at the heart of Westlands, Nairobi, is the home of the new age artiste and art. The joint is diverse in its collection of wacky and determined entrepreneurs in food, fashion, music and more providing the canvas on which Nairobi’s leading event organisers paint their creative visions.

It stands out as the house of creative concerts where we have seen a horde of artistes’ camp there; including South Africa’s Nasty C, Swigga, Okanga, Jivu, Octopizzo, Kagwe Mungai, Anto NeoSoul and Dela

The centre recently introduced yoga wellness pop-up as well as afro-social events. They also host open mic nights, a platform for upcoming, amateur and keen artistes to show their art. From beat-boxing to dancers and producers, they serve it all. The joint is the one place you would expect to catch action from a week day with a performance or thrift acts. For example, last night we had the Flee Project presenting Extra Muros while tonight we expect the Ladies Night Boombox show.

Circus at The Alchemist Bar is a theme that sees clients enjoy a full glow in the dark experience, black-light, neon body painted with acts from Sarakasi Trust’s acrobats and Trapeze artistes, among others, do their thing. 

K1 Klubhouse – Soccer city and gaming

Strategically located K1 Klubhouse is a plush, up-scale nightspot located in the cool and serene suburbs of Westlands along Parklands - Ojijo road in Nairobi. The different sections of the club feature four bars, each adorned in different décor to provide the range of setting from magnificent, modern to classic. Pitcher & Butch bar, Heaven and Paradise Bars offer great bottle service to quench your thirst in a mind-blowing atmosphere.

They are famed for introducing the soccer city, something that took up by storm and changed the football theme around matches and they also came up with PlayStation challenge and an avenue of gamers to meet and link up.

And every Sunday you will find droves of fans at the club for what is easily the best flee market in the nation, a very vibrant event that hosts load of fashionistas and influencers. K1 Klubhouse is also where you will find gamers converging on a Saturday to sample the new tech games in town. 

J’s Kitchen Bar – Sunday festival

J’s nights could probably be the most celebrated of recent spots to hang out. On Sundays they host the Sunday Festival, which celebrates art, music, drinks and games. The event also hosts a tattoo parlour for the ink lovers and games for everyone. 

The Thursday J’s nights has been key to celebrate bands and artistes in Kenya hosting icons like; Erick Wainaina, Serro, Vivian Olang, Lavosti and Roots connection Anto NeoSoul, Sereetsi and the Natives and Sarabi among many others.

Now the new event in town, ‘Who Is Next’, gives a platform for the next big thing to perform and elevate themselves. Since its inception they have hosted Ethic, Blastaboss, Abbass Doobeez, Ace the Don, Trabolee, Silverstone and Chevy Kev 

Blend – Social Sundays

Blend will probably go down history books as being the pioneers of Social Sundays, an event that has attracted socialites in town and work as the hub to meet all the beauties in town.

Their model of marketing has made them become famous for hosting the sexiest women in town. Plus, there is a free hangover soup just in case you had one too many. 

Déjà vu – Celebrity bartender

Sundays are now the new Friday as Déjà vu also hosts Social Sundays, which truly have levelled up. It is a chilled place with a serene environment and also boasts of hosting a bunch of celebrities. They introduced a celebrity bartender every Wednesday and they now also host the Posh Night Friday by the foodie and influencer Jay Take a Pic. 

Club da Place – Kikao Sunday

This is no doubt one of Kisumu’s most vibrant joints when it comes to entertainment. The club was the first one to introduce the Friday Fusion with the likes of DJ Daggy holding the decks. They also introduced Ultimate Saturday night with VJ Slim and now the latest and most popular theme night is the Sunday Kikao Sunday.

Kikao Sunday is a social outing that sees customers get free ‘mbuzi’ and ‘kuku choma’ as well as free chasers on all full bottles of whiskey purchased. It is one of the biggest evenings in Kisumu night life. 

Dekis Lounge – Omtere and models

This is one popular joint in Nyali that has mainly been popularised by one DJ Omtere who has a reputation of attracting models around his shows. The self-proclaimed Virgin Boy creates the social outing mood as he lets models mingle with other patrons