Wanjiru's and Cyco 's love

Wanjiru's and Cyco 's love

Pulser: How did you meet?

Ben Cyco: We met at an ex-cans conference at Citam Valley Road and just hit it off from there. Afterwards, we became friends and things developed from there.

P: What attracted you to the other person?

BC: She was hot; I am not going to lie.

Wanjiru Njiru: His dreams and visions really appealed to me as well as his definition of a successful family. Family is huge for me.

P: You guys saw the Natalie Tewa drama and all about couple goals. What’s your take on that, seeing as you guys embody couple goals for some people?

WN: I honestly get chills down my spine whenever people say that about us because every couple is different and they have their struggles. None is perfect. Ben likes it though.

Ben: I do not mind it, if it were up to me I would have a camera on my back every day and show everything but this is a relationship so I have to compromise. After all, it is other people who gave us the tag; we did not think we were.

P: You often do videos together on Wanjiru’s channel. Does it ever put a strain on the relationship in terms of forcing ‘not-so-true’ images?

WN: We are very selective about the type of content that we put out; whatever we put out is never that serious, it is always things like the whisper challenge, something that does not reveal the intimate parts of our relationship.

BC: When we do videos, it is always about positive vibes and good energy. We do not take ourselves too seriously.

P: How much is too much to share about your relationship online?

WN: I think some couples can overshare online and they can handle being scrutinised but I do not think we can. When you open those doors, you should be ready for anything.

BC: I do not see it as a big deal. If it were up to me I would show everything so people can learn from us.

P: Ben, your sister got sick. How do you feel it impacted your relationship, if at all?

BC: It definitely bonded us more and made us way closer than we were. I was able to lean on her for support and she was always there when we needed her.

WN: For sure and it helped me see that he has a heart and is not made of stone. He is always so tough and unemotional.

P: Would you be cool if your partner had a close friendship with a person of the opposite sex?

BC: Absolutely not, why does she need two best friends? What is he giving her that I can’t?

WN: (laughs) I would not mind it or care, he is already a big flirt anyway, so whatever.

P: What do you like most about your partner?

WN: I have a driver who drives me around for free. I hate driving.

BC: Wow, Wanjiru, you can’t even pretend to be deep for two seconds? The fact that her channel is bringing in good money… anyway, I love how loyal she is; she is my ride-or-die.

P: If one of you had to move out of the country for one reason or another. Do you think you could handle a long distance relationship?

WN: I think we would, we are already in too deep at this point.

BC: I think we would be fine. We are strong enough.

P: What’s your partner’s love language?

WN: Ben likes words of affirmation so I have no choice but to constantly gas him up.

BC: Money, and I have nothing more to add.

P: What’s your definition of cheating?

WN: Anything emotional he is sharing with someone else instead of me.

BC: Shockingly, I agree.

P: What has been your biggest fight?

BC: We fight over the pettiest things. Just yesterday we fought for reasons I cannot even remember and she was being mean to me. I called her and she did not pick up my call.

WN: So true. Oh my God! Complete lies. I picked up later on. (Argument ensues)

P: Pet peeves?

BC: Wanjiru is so intense all the time. She needs to chill out.

WN: Ben has no appreciation for time. He wants you to be grateful that he showed up.

P: Who’s the  romantic between you two ?

WN: Ben has no romantic bone in his body. I call him randomly in the middle of the day to tell him sweet-nothings but I can’t say the same for him.

BC: I wanted to take you out to dinner the other night but you told me we should go to Mango so I can buy you clothes instead. I told you this girl loves money.