Guys slide to my DM often, Karun

Guys slide to my DM often,  Karun

Karun has admitted that being famous is not always a good thing as some people will aways have a misconception about you. During an interview with the Pulser, a story that is running in this month’s edition, the vocally endowed beauty admitted that people usually slid in her ‘DM’ for different reasons.

“I get people sliding to my ‘DM’ constantly telling me they do music and want time at my studio. But I have no studio. I pay for studio time like everybody else,” she said.

“What bothers me about being ‘famous’ is fake people. There are people who always want something from you. But that is not even what bothers me the most. Being famous doesn’t mean you are rich or anything…,” she said during the exclusive in-depth interview with Pulser Magazine.